1. Terms and requirements


The user authorizes Abilheira & Cunha, holder of FreeGliss, to handle the personal data provided in the purchase order, particularly by the use of cookies. According to Act nr 67/98 of 26 October, Personal Data Protection Act, user may at any time make use of his right to access, change or cancel his data. The client can access and change his data at any time in “Your account”.


Everything on the website FreeGliss, images, texts, audio materials and the technology itself is Abilheira & Cunha, Lda. exclusive property.


The Portuguese Law is applied to these terms and requirements, particularly the Lisbon Court District

2. Forms of payment

We accept the following methods: PayPal and Bank Transfer.

In case of Bank Transference payment, we will have to wait a few days until the money is wired into Abilheira & Cunha account. Therefore, we cannot assure stock availability of the garment on the purchase day. It is only valid upon receipt of money into the account.

3. Replacements/Refunds

Abilheira & Cunha, as holder of FreeGliss, guarantees that if you are not 100% satisfied with our products, you can return them, according to our terms and requirements:

  • 15 Days: all orders must be returned within 15 days, from the date of reception.
  • Good shape: For sanitary and security reasons, all articles should be in perfect condition, including labels and packages.
  • Once we receive the article in our premises, it will be verified and the amount will be credited in your bank account.

How to replace/return an item

First, you have to inform us, using the contact area, you want to return an item giving the reason. After doing this, you must send the articles to “Responsável das Vendas On-line” with the following address: Abilheira & Cunha - R. Nova do Corujo Lt. 2, 4750-784 Vila Boa, Barcelos, Portugal

We recommend that you use a card package, when you return the article.

It is very important that the article is well protected, so that it arrives intact. Otherwise, we will not accept the return.

4. Stock

Stock is validated in a daily basis. Nevertheless, due to great quantities of garments being moved from many warehouses, there can be a stock run out.

In situations like those, our Abilheira & Cunha costumer support assistant will contact costumer via e-mail proposing the following options:

a) Costumer receives the order on the estimated date but with a similar garment.
b) Costumer receives the order on estimated date without the missing garments but receiving a voucher for future on-line purchases.
c) Costumer receives the order on estimated date with money returned of garment not available.
d) In case of permanent articles, costumer can wait until order is complete to proceed with shipment.

In case costumer does not respond to this e-mail within 48 hours after receiving it, we will send the orders with existing garments, trying afterwards to settle the situation with costumer via e-mail or telephone.

5. Price

The prices of the products are those defined in the Freegliss online store, apart for exceptions where it becomes clear that there is an error. Freegliss does everything to guarantee the accuracy of the prices of the products displayed, however errors can occur. If an ordered product is detected where the price does not correspond to its real value, the customer will be informed as soon as possible and will have the possibility to confirm a new order with the correct values. In case the customer does not agree or contact is not possible, the order will be canceled and the amount returned in full to the customer without any damage to the same.
Freegliss is not obliged to sell any product whose price is obviously incorrect.

6. Deliveries and returns

After order confirmation, you will receive your articles at the address given in the medium term of 3 business days. During high season and balances, shipments may take a little longer. 
The shipping cost is associated with the rates charged by Chronopost carrier in each country of the order's delivery. You have 7 days from the reception, to decide if you are satisfied with the items you purchased. FreeGliss guarantees you a replacement or refund for any items if they are returned in their original condition. 
We do not assume the costs related to the return of the product. Repayment is made over a maximum period of 15 days.

7. Legal notice

Who is responsible for handling the data?

Abilheira & Cunha will be the responsible for handling the data.

What is the privacy policy?

The privacy policy informs about the forms of collection, handling and protection of any personal data supplied on-line.

Any change in the privacy policy of Abilheira & Cunha will be posted on this website. For further information, please contact us:

a) by letter, to Rua Monsenhor Pedrosa. Galerias R-Sampaio, loja 14, 4740-218 Esposende
b) by email to info@freegliss.net

Which data are collected and what is their purpose?

The collected data will be analysed in terms of service management and decision, as well as for direct marketing procedures.

The purpose of the Date of Birth information is to offer special birthday promotions and to send a birthday card.

Abilheira & Cunha informs that answering all questions is mandatory (except for Birth date). Otherwise, the client will not be able to be part of our database, and, therefore, not taking any benefits from our campaigns or exclusive promotions to registered clients. All supplied data are confidential and will be handled only by Abilheira & Cunha which holds FreeGliss, and shall not be shared with any other entity.


Abilheira & Cunha collects and handles all data safely, preventing from any loss or manipulation. Even so, collecting data from open networks allows data circulation, which is not always safe. Consequently, unauthorized entities may access to data.

Data transmission through the Internet is never entirely secure, because there is always the possibility of being accessed by other people. Therefore, the transmitter will be responsible for any data transmission.

How to change or delete supplied personal data?

The client is entitled to access, change, cancel or object to the transmission of his data. The client can do it:

a) by letter, to Rua Monsenhor Pedrosa. Galerias R-Sampaio, loja 14, 4740-218 Esposende
b) by email to info@freegliss.net


A cookie is a small data file that some websites write on the hard disk when it accesses to them. A cookie may contain information like a user recognizer which the site uses to check the pages it accesses to, but the only personal information a cookie can have is the one you provide.

A cookie cannot read any data from your hard disk or any other cookies created by other websites.

Some parts of the website use cookies to check the pages it accesses to. We use this information to check our website usefulness and use promptness and to check if it is allowed to access some services.

If you choose not to receive any cookies when you access to our website, you can set up your browser to notify you before registering a cookie in your hard disk and then refuse it.. You could also set up your browser to refuse all cookies, but on doing so you would not be able to access some parts of our website. Particularly, you may need to activate cookies to use some of our website services.

8. Secure payment

Payments are made ​​secure server certified as "PAYPAL".
We do not store any customer information with regard to data and cards or bank accounts.

9. Outlet

The 60% discount on the entire Outlet item is valid from 1/1/2021 to 12/31/2021.